A Brand New Retail Concept




It produces over 7 million units every year for different global retailers. 


The group distributed travel products to over 600 POS in China and rest of Asia. 


The world's first ever travel concept store "Go Travel" opened at Hong Kong International Airport. 

It recorded the highest number of sales per square foot at Hong Kong

International Airport, prompting the 

Airport Authority Hong Kong to add a new category for travel products

go travel hong kong airport shop


Tianao Holdings, established in 1987, is a private family business owned by Mr. Sam Lee and his family with a group of 500 empolyees. The group is one of the pioneers in the travel products industry with a strong footprint in manufacturing. Since 2004, Design Go Asia Limited has been set up for distribution, both offline and online retailing, and services. 

Having 30 years of experience in the travel products industry, the group have accumulated a vast network of suppliers and distributors. Thus, saving our clients resources in having to deal with individual companies. 

Due to our knowledge of the market and having experience with the international quality standards, we are very qualified in managing the supply chain to prevent any loss due to supply delays. 

As a company which is both manufacturer and retailer of travel products, we are in a synergistic position to be constantly updated with this market trends. This insight is aligned with our clients to provide win-win solutions. 


Tianao Holdings Limited

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